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Donor Lists

Many donors choose to honor a family member, friend, physician, nurse, care giver or remember a loved one by making a donation to The Chester County Hospital Foundation. Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness. This list below contains the names of those honored or remembered with a gift from July 1, 2015 - September 30, 2015.

In Memory of

Mr. John R. Atherholt
Mr. David W. Bachtle
Mrs. Paula Ballard
Mr. Edgar M. Barton
Mr. John L. Baughman
Ms. Jennifer Brown
Ms. Joan M. Caputo
Dr. Joseph F. Carlow
Mrs. Geraldine Carter
Mr. John T. Cheesman
Ms. Anna Marie Finigan
Mr. John Fiore
Mrs. Lena Fiore
Ms. Thelma Foster
Mrs. Linda P. Hall
Mrs. Joyce P. Hargraves
Mr. George L. Houghton
Mrs. Deane P. Key
Mrs. Mary Ann W. Komar
Mrs. Maryanne LaMaina
Bernhart W. Langer, Ph.D.
Mr. Michael R. Langer
Mr. and Mrs. James Latta, Jr.
Mr. Paul Lavallee
Ms. Joanna Loftus
Dr. Albert A. Lucine, Jr.
McAnally / Stillmun Families
Ms. Ellen B. McCormick
Mr. Robert A. Montgomery
Mrs. Sophie C. Nagy
Ms. Helen Nelson
Mrs. Teresa B. Nichter
Mr. Thomas R. Peraino
Mrs. Jacqueline C. Pitt
Dipti Purkayastha
Alice and Charles Rhoads
Henry A. Rothrock, M.D.
Mrs. Helen B. Rothrock
Mr. John F. Ruggeri
Ms. Theresa N. Russo
Miss Sofie Wang Schlupp
Mrs. Christine A. Stratman
Danuta and Wilhelm Strembicki
Mrs. Grace Thompson
Mrs. Suzanne M. Tolley
Mr. Harold Trimble
Sofie Wang Schlupp
Mr. Gregory L. Weidman
Mrs. Abigail C. Wylie

In Honor of

Ian Butler, M.D.
Chester County Hospital ICU and Cardiology
Chester County Hospital ICU Nurses
Donald L. Emery, M.D.
Jessica Ann Emmons
Ronald A. Fronduti, M.D.
Renee M. Giometti, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Grossman
Ms. Clarissa Hake
Mian A. Jan, M.D.
Alex S. Kuryan, M.D.
Joseph G. Lewis, M.D.
Ms. Violet Poole
Gabriel Ruggiero, D.O.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sweet
Ronald J. Werrin, M.D.
Mrs. Lynda L. Wood
Ms. Maria B. Yeo

Last Updated: 10/8/2015