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Encore Consignment Policies
  1. The consignor receives 63%of the selling price, and The Encore receives 37%. The contract period is for four (4) weeks. Unsold merchandise is reduced by 20% in the last week of the contract.
  2. A YEARLY REGISTRATION FEE OF $20.00 IS REQUIRED FOR THE 2014/2015 SEASON, which allows one (1) consignment contract per person, per week and is automatically deducted from the first consignor check. Consignors may contract a maximum of 30 to 50 items. Depending upon availability of space and current stock, the type of items and quantity accepted may change daily. Only one contract in a four (4) week period may contain up to 20 items of clothing. However, if all clothing has been sold and/or picked up the week of the reclaim date, the consignor may then consign up to 20 more items of clothing. A cash processing fee of $2.00 is required for each consignment.
  3. Express consignments are offered for five (5) items of less during regular consignment hours. Please note that you may bring express consignments up to 3 times per week. Items valued at less than $10.00 will not be considered for Express. Drop-off consignments with a 50%/50% split are available by appointment only. Limit of 25 items accepted. Unacceptable items will be donated to a local charity.
  4. Drop-off consignments with a 50%/50% split are available by appointment only. Limit of 25 items accepted. Unacceptable items will be donated to a local charity.
  5. All clothing must be in current style, in good condition, in season, dry cleaned or laundered and pressed, odor free, and on hangers. Shoes must be unworn. Sleepwear and undergarments must be new with tags still attached. Clothing stored with mothballs will not be accepted. Clothing with a musty smell is subject to a $2 fabric spraying fee.
  6. All household items must be clean, in working order and, if necessary, with bulbs, batteries and electric cords. Glass and china must be washed. Silver must be polished. Appliances must be new and in original packaging.
  7. Linen policy -- to comply with PA Bedding and Upholstery regulations, we find it necessary to sanitize all items containing fiber filling. In order to recover the cost of sanitizing supplies, we will impose a non-refundable surcharge. The surcharge will be discussed and collected during the consignment process.
  8. Standard policy: each consignment will be allowed 1 picture, 1 purse and 1 lamp. Please call ahead to reserve a space for furniture and large floor items.
  9. The Encore reserves the right to limit the number and type of items consigned. In fairness to all consignors, Encore will limit the number of items priced $5 or less.
  10. No buying or selling of goods or soliciting of any kind is allowed on Encore property. Violations will result in loss of consigning privileges.
  11. Consignors must be able to transport their items into the shop. Hospital policy prohibits staff or volunteers to assist in carrying items.
  12. Holiday items will not be accepted until six weeks prior to the holiday.

Please remember that the consignment process is a collaborative effort between the consignor, Encore volunteers and the Encore staff. Your cooperation is appreciated. Any questions or concerns you may have can be brought to the attention of management at any time. We are looking forward to another successful season. Thank you for your support of The Kennett Square Branch of the Women's Auxiliary of Chester County Hospital.


All donated items are gratefully accepted and must conform to the Consignment Policies 4, 5, and 6 as listed above. Forms are available and should be completed when the donation is made. Any valuation for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor. The form is invalid without an authorized signature.

Reclaiming Policies:

  1. Consignor may call the shop during the reclaim week to check on sold items. To help us assist you quickly, please have your contract in hand.
  2. Pick-up/reclaim of unsold items must be concluded by 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday or noon on Friday prior to reclaim date listed on the contract. When having another person reclaim the items, the alternate MUST have the consignors' copy of the contract. ITEMS MAY NOT BE RECLAIMED ON SATURDAYS.
  3. When reclaiming merchandise, consignors are responsible for locating and presenting articles to the sales desk for removal of tickets and processing by clerk. Only items ticketed at $10.00 or higher can be marked "missing". The Encore assumes no responsibility for un-located items or for any loss due to fire, theft, or damage.
  4. Checks for merchandise sold will be mailed monthly. Pay-out for May and June will be combined in one check and mailed the week following last day of the Encore year. It is the responsibility of the consignor to notify The Encore if checks are not received in a timely manner. Consignment checks are valid for 60 days only. Reissued checks are subject to a $25.00 fee. After July 31, 2015, all checks outstanding will be considered a donation to Chester County Hospital.

Items NOT taken for Consignment: Please call with any questions.

Ladies and Girls

  • Bathing suits, body suits, leotards (unless new with tags)
  • Shoes and boots (unless new)
  • Undergarments, hosiery, pajamas, nightgowns (unless new with tags)

Men and Boys

  • Men's suits and jackets, vests, or pants once part of a suit
  • Underwear, pajamas (unless new with tags)


  • Advertising/corporate logo items
  • Books - paperbacks, microwave cookbooks, magazines, hard cover (unless for children, gardening, cooking or coffee table style)
  • Cosmetics or perfumes (unless sealed)
  • Decorative country items
  • Exercise/sports equipment, i.e. bowling balls, ski equipment, skateboards, golf clubs, etc.
  • Electric appliances (unless new and in original packaging)
  • Stuffed animals, games, puzzles, audio or video tapes, CD's, etc. (unless new with tags or factory wrapped)
  • Sheets/pillow cases and towels (unless new with original wrap or tags)
  • Tins (unless vintage)
  • All items are consigned at management's discretion. Policies and regulations are subject to change without notice.

Last Updated: 7/29/2014