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Health Happiness Success Award

Jon F. Wehler was a motivated, goal oriented young man whose life was cut short before he could realize many of his dreams. But, he continues to inspire me and those who knew and loved him to cherish each day and live their best life. The HEALTH - HAPPINESS - SUCCESS Award is given in honor of Jon to a young professional who works to achieve that special balance while giving back to the community that we share.

2015 Honoree - Justin Dougherty, Adam Wetzel and the Side Bar & Restaurant Team

2014 Honoree - Charles E. Swope, Swope Lees Commercial Real Estate

2013 Honoree - Laura Aloisio, DARE

2012 Honoree - Mary Bigham, Owner, The Town Dish

2011 Honoree - Dr. Dave Magrogan, Chiropractor, Restaurateur, Entrepreneur, Author and Inspirational Speaker - Dave Magrogan Group

2010 Honoree - Katie Walker, President, Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce

2009 Honoree - Cathy Gabrielsen, Founder/Executive Director of Cuddle My Kids

Last Updated: 7/6/2015