Class of 1946

Members of the Class of 1946 before receiving their bibs and caps in a ceremony in March 1944.


Ceremonies marked important transitions in a student nurse's career. The Capping Ceremony marked the end of probation for students, a time when they fully entered into the life of a nursing student signified by the addition of a cap to the uniform.

Class of 1960 Capping

The Class of 1960 after receiving their caps in 1958.


The pledge was recited at Capping Ceremonies.


Recreation was an important part of a student nurse's experience as relief from the demands of study and hospital work. Formal dances, holiday parties, trips to Philadelphia for shows, and other outings not only provided a break for the students, but further contributed to the strong bond which developed among the classmates who spent so many hours living, learning and working together. The Women's Auxiliary of the Hospital, devoted supporters of the Nursing School and its students, sponsored many of these

Leaving the Nurses' Residence for a dance.

Leaving nurses' residence for a dance.

activities. The Nursing Committee of the Board of Managers sponsored monthly Teas in the Nurses' Residence, along with dinners and swimming parties at various members' homes. The student nurses, in turn, provided an uplifting experience for the patients and Hospital staff during the many years that the student chorus gathered on Christmas morning to sing carols throughout the Hospital. The chorus also sang at capping and graduation ceremonies, and occasionally at area functions.

Alumni Association

The spirit of unity forged during the training years was continued by the School's Alumni Association, founded in 1905. The Association fostered a spirit of unity among graduates of the School by promoting the role of the graduate nurse, keeping the alumni informed about activities of the School and its graduates, and by sponsoring reunions. The Association also took an active interest in the student nurses by honoring the new graduates with a dinner and acknowledging other student achievements.

Dedication of Alumni Association plaque

Dedication of Alumni Association plaque on Centennial anniversary of School, 1994.


Graduation was always a ceremony of tradition with prayer, procession, music, and an address to the students along with the conferral of the diplomas. For many years, the "White Breakfast" prior to graduation marked the first time a student wore the white uniform of the graduate nurse.

Ann Dutton

Ann Dutton, Class of 1898.

Florence Ellis

Graduation portrait of Florence Ellis, Class 1914, in her white uniform.

Class of 1933, with Frances Gooden

Class of 1933, with Frances Gooden (far left), Directress of Nurses from 1924 to 1949.

Graduation ceremony, 1968

Graduation ceremony, 1968

Graduation breakfast

Graduation breakfast.

Class of 1970

Class of 1970 with the School's first male graduate.

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