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New Logo, New Brand, New Mission, New Vision

Released: April 30, 2010

New LogoA lot of responsibility rests on a logo - a corporate icon often no bigger than a postage stamp. It must project the institution's personality. It must convey the organization's purpose. It must stand out in a crowd and stand alone on a page.

The Chester County Hospital and Health System has launched a new logo and brand advertising campaign with the goal of further strengthening the Hospital's position in the region. The Marketing Department and its advertising agency - Aloysius, Butler & Clark - have been working for five months to reinvent the Hospital's brand and to set new standards for the next several years.

The new "Making Lives Better Every Day" campaign focuses on the Hospital's patient-centered approach to health care, and expresses its commitment to helping those its serves enjoy long and healthy lives.

The branding effort coincides with a change in the Hospital's organizational structure and modified name: The Chester County Hospital and Health System. Given that the Hospital needed to update its logo to reflect this, the Administration took this opportunity to propose a change. The double C logo has served us well since 1997, but it is time to begin to write the next chapter of the Hospital's journey as healthcare providers.

Paul F. Huberty, Senior Vice President for Strategic Planning and Marketing, says, "The new logo reflects the culture of The Chester County Hospital and Health System - one that is progressive but welcoming; that is standards-driven but patient-focused; and that is highly technical but knows that the personalized delivery of care will always be our defining strength."

The blue-and-green colors capture the essence of our ability to look forward while standing atop our proud historic roots. The color blue is often associated with stability and strength, and in our logo it corresponds with our known brand name - The Chester County Hospital. The color green represents growth and hope, and highlights our new direction (Health System) and outlook for the future.

The font - or lettering - used for the logo is the same font found in the gold seals that are embedded in the floors of the Hospital and which remind us daily of our proud heritage.

Our graphical mark or "badge" lends a sense of strength and stability to our identity and can stand alone as an identifiable mark for the system, while the 1892 reinforces our history of independence, the stability of our organization, and our longstanding commitment to caring for our community.

Huberty adds, "We recognize that our community is far too savvy to choose a hospital simply because of a new iconic mark, but if they come to recognize the symbol for what it is - a representation of a healthcare organization with a long history of quality care and with great vision to support the health needs of its community - then at that point, our logo will have lived up to the responsibility it bears."

In addition to the new logo and brand campaign, the Hospital has written new mission and vision statements.

  • Mission Statement: To be recognized as the leading provider of care in the region and a national model for quality, service excellence, and fiscal stewardship.
  • Vision Statement: To provide each patient and their family with an outstanding experience, improve the health of our community, and attract, retain, and educate the best and brightest healthcare professionals.

Last Updated: 4/30/2010