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SHINESHINE is proud to announce three services that have been extended to patients of the Cancer Program through the benevolence of the SHINE contributors.

Care Coordinators
When faced with a diagnosis of cancer, the challenges of arranging for consultations with surgeons, radiologists and other health care professionals can be overwhelming. Navigating through the medical world and insurance requirements is equally as demanding. The Care Coordinator will help patients schedule required medical appointments. Also, the Care Coordinator will listen and identify problems with insurance coverage. Assistance in getting any needed services, such as transportation, nutritional counseling, and/or psychological support, will be provided. Care Coordinators will qualify patients for financial assistance.

Medication Short-term Subsidy
For some patients, anti-nausea drugs are not covered under insurance plans or carry a high dollar co-insurance. The physical and emotional health of patients battling the negative effects of chemotherapy without the benefit of anti-nausea medicine is compromised. Our goal is to assist these patients so that their quality of life can be maintained while going through chemotherapy treatments. Patients will need to pre-qualify for any subsidy.

There are patients who occasionally need transportation to and from one of the operating entities of The Chester county Hospital and/or the University of Pennsylvania Health System. Funds will be allocated to help patients requiring transportation assistance.

SHINE is pleased to offer these services so that the heart of our mission statement is realized...to provide support to the individual so that his or her strength, courage and heart will continue to SHINE.

With your help, SHINE was able to:

  • Hire a Care Coordinator to address the many needs and concerns of the cancer patient
  • Offer financial assistance in obtaining anti-nausea medicine
  • Provide transportation assistance to cancer patients in need

With your continued help, SHINE hopes to:

  • Offer on-site psychological services to the patients and their families
  • Create a healing space at The Cancer Center of Chester County
  • Provide funding and volunteer services to create additional hospice rooms at Neighborhood Health Agency.

Last Updated: 9/11/2015