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Insurance & Billing

Chester County Hematology Oncology participates in most health insurance programs. The health insurance programs we participate with change frequently, if you have any question about this, contact the Hospital's Billing Office between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Representatives are available based on the first initial of your last name:

A - D 610.431.5470
E - K 610.431.5122
L - Q (and Spanish-speaking patients)610.431.5198
R - Z 610.431.5692

Certain insurance plans require a co-payment and this must be paid at the time of the visit. Managed care plans may have restrictions with respect to hospitals, referral physicians, as well as the type and extent of treatment. While we make every effort to keep abreast of these modifications and relay them to you, it is ultimately the patient's responsibility to make certain that your health insurance program approves of the choice of hospital, physician, or laboratory where you have been referred.

We recommend careful review of your plan's benefits and suggest contacting your program's patient relations representative for explanations.

Payment will be requested at the time of service for all services that are non-covered or determined to be the patient's responsibility, including co-payments and coinsurances. Payment may be made by cash, Debit Card, and most credit cards.

If we DO NOT participate with your insurance company, this means that we will bill your insurance carrier as a courtesy but fees for services rendered will be due at the time services are rendered. We will also work with you to set up an appropriate payment plan if this is needed. These financial arrangements should be made prior to date of service. Please contact the Hospital's Billing Office at the numbers provided on page 3.

It is important for you to understand that your health insurance coverage is an agreement between you and your insurance company. It is also important for you to know all the specific requirements of your insurance especially copays and which labs you can use. Your doctor's bill for the services provided to you is an agreement between you and your Provider. If you receive a statement from our office and disagree with how your insurance processed the claim, please call your insurance company.

Last Updated: 7/19/2012