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Hand Therapy Program

Are you experiencing hand, wrist or elbow pain?
Relief is close to home.

You use your hands for everything from turning doorknobs to opening jars. To be without full use of them can significantly impact your life. If you suffer from hand, wrist or elbow pain as the result of a trauma, disease or over-use, the hand therapists at The Center for Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine can help. Our staff treats numerous conditions, including: arthritis, overuse injuries, burns, connective tissue disorders, fractures, nerve and tendon injuries, tendonitis, wrist and elbow pain, complex regional pain syndrome, traumatic and work-related injuries, and injuries as the result of playing sports or music.

Our staff includes a team of certified hand therapists who are licensed physical and occupational therapists that have advanced training and clinical experience in the evaluation and treatment of injuries and conditions related to the upper extremity. In fact, our team has more than 50 years of combined experience in treating the upper extremity. As such, our hand therapists have three basic goals -- helping you restore maximum function, preventing dysfunction and promoting your overall well-being.

As part of our program, you'll receive a thorough evaluation from which we'll develop an individualized treatment program that will be reviewed with your physician. Treatment may involve: hot or cold packs, paraffin therapy, fluidotherapy, ultrasound, electric stimulation, splinting, therapeutic exercise, wound and scar care, desensitization or sensory re-education, functional training and a home therapy program.

Eliminating your symptoms is only one step to achieving your goals. Preventing their return and getting to the root of the problem are the keys to your treatment! Of special interest, workers/athletes/musicians may be asked to bring in their tools/equipment/instruments to assess how they may be contributing to their problem. Photos of workstations allow you and your therapist to collaborate on the best ergonomics for you. A tailored therapy program for your individualized needs is what we offer.

*A physician's prescription is necessary for treatment.

We have three convenient locations and very convenient hours:

Fern Hill Medical Campus
915 Old Fern Hill Rd
Building A: Suite 4
West Chester, PA 19380

Commons at Oaklands
700 West Lincoln Highway
Exton, PA 19341

Medical Building at New Garden
830 West Cypress Street
Kennett Square, PA 19348

Last Updated: 6/30/2014