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Balance and Fall Prevention

Statistics show that about 35% of people over age 65 experience one or more falls per year.

The cause of these falls can be related to anything from strength and flexibility to vertigo, dizziness, and vision limitations. Falls may result in injuries as little as bumps and bruises or something more serious such as fractures in the hand, wrist, arm, spine, and possibly the head. Those who have fallen many times become afraid of falling again, and therefore move about more cautiously and are less active or mobile. This can lead to a loss in strength, flexibility, reaction time, and balance. This ongoing cycle can perpetuate itself and cause a loss of personal independence.

The good news is that falls can be prevented and The Center for Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine can help! Our trained Physical Therapists not only treat those recovering from falls, but also screen for those at risk, and provide therapy to help prevent future accidents. Care is begun by assessing the various body systems that contribute to maintaining balance. The therapists then provide patients with clinical therapeutic exercises and individualized home exercise programs. Since support is a necessary part of recovery and management, the therapists also work to educate the family and friends on how they can be a part of the rehabilitation process.

The rehabilitation process can at times seem overwhelming. Before the completion of the program, our therapists will ensure that all patient and family concerns are discussed as well as review steps that can be taken at home to ensure a safe location for the patient to return to. A home safety assessment can be scheduled through the Neighborhood Health Agency in West Chester.

A Physician prescription is required to receive this therapy.

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Last Updated: 2/15/2011