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Incontinence Management Program

More than 12 million Americans have urinary incontinence according to the Bladder Advisory Council of the American Foundation for Urologic Disease. And women are twice as likely as men to have this condition. Incontinence is a medical problem that can be treated. At The Center for Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, we offer, among other treatments, physical therapy for incontinence treatment. Why should you consider physical therapy? It is one of the least invasive and most conservative treatments available. Often chosen as the first course of treatment for many patients, physical therapy also has limited side effects.

There are three different types of incontinence: stress incontinence, urgency and frequency. With stress incontinence, you involuntarily lose urine when you laugh, run, cough or sneeze. Urgency results when an overactive bladder involuntarily contracts and you feel it necessary to reach the bathroom right away. Frequency is the tendency to urinate more than is normal to the point that it disrupts your daily life.

The team of physical therapists at The Center for Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine is specially trained in the areas of women's health, incontinence and pelvic pain. We treat women of all ages - including teenagers, mothers after childbirth and seniors. By developing a program designed to specifically meet your needs and lifestyle, we can help you overcome incontinence's bothersome effects.

Your physical therapy treatment may include therapeutic exercise, biofeedback, changes in diet, and/or behavior modification. We'll meet with you once a week for anywhere from six to 12 weeks. Patients frequently see results in the first few weeks.

A physician's prescription is necessary for treatment. If you need assistance obtaining one, let us know.

Contact us for more information about incontinence treatment:

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Last Updated: 2/15/2011