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Privacy Policy

HIPAA Notice:

Neighborhood Health will not provide any of your personal information collected by our website ("Center") to any outside person or company unless we receive your prior express consent. Neighborhood Health is committed to maintaining the highest level of privacy practical.

The following information describes the information we collect, our privacy policy and the steps we take to protect your personal information. If you have any question about our privacy policy, please contact us.

Information We Collect
We currently collect a limited amount of general information from you and only the minimum amount of information necessary to maximize our information services to our website users.

Your computer communicates with the Center using a particular Internet Protocol Address (IP). Like most sites, Neighborhood Health can track the user's IP when visiting the site. The IP allows us to track for each user the IP, the browser type, the part of the world from which the user is connecting and the identity of the user's Internet service provider. However, the IP does not provide any personally identifiable information and allows the user to remain anonymous. This information helps us to improve site navigation and to make improvements to the site and content.

Please be aware that if you voluntarily disclose information over the Internet, personal or otherwise, the information is subject to review and collection by unintended third parties. For example, if you email us, it might be possible for other unintended readers to read the contents of your email. The Neighborhood Health Agencies, Inc., has no means to control this.

How We Use Collected Information
The Center records IP addresses for systems administration purposes to obtain data for technical analysis to improve the performance of the Center.

All communications from you to the Center are indexed for technical reasons. For example, it you summit a helpful comment, we keep a record of the information for use by our developers and managers to improve the site.

A copy of most messages sent by email is forwarded to our confidential archives, where developers and managers can use the information to make system improvements on a confidential basis and solely for internal purposes and to monitor traffic flow and user satisfaction.

Our Cookies
Your browser offers so-called "cookies" which -- if you allow their use -- store small amounts of data on your computer about your visit to the Center. Cookies assist us in tracking which of the Center's features you like best. However, cookies do not disclose any personal information.

Third Party Cookies
Third party sites hyperlinked from the Center may contain cookies that are collected by the third party site owner. These cookies are beyond our control and we do not have access to this information. However, these cookies do not provide personal information about you.

Hyperlinks to Third Party Sites
The Center contains a number of hyperlinks to the sites of third parties. These hyperlinks are provided as a service to our customers for informational purposes only. However, the privacy policies of these third party sites such as the types of information collected and the use of the collected information is unknown to and beyond the control of the Center.
Changes and Modifications

In order to improve the level of customer service and to enhance the site over time, The Neighborhood Health Agencies, Inc., reserves the right to change and modify the Privacy Policy at anytime in the future by posting a revised policy on our website. Furthermore, nothing in this Privacy Policy is designed to protect the privacy of visitors whose use of the Center is, in the reasonable judgment of The Neighborhood Health Agencies, Inc., intended for illegal, improper or abusive purposes or for purposes of marketing or solicitation, or would violate any other terms and conditions relating to use of the Center.

Unless the user is within one of the Center's encrypted secure pages, the exchange of information between the Center and you is not likely to be secure given the current state of the Internet. We encourage all users to change their passwords frequently and to exercise caution in the online transmission of their electronic mail address, passwords and personal information.

Last Updated: 12/5/2014