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Cancer Data Center

The Cancer Data Center coordinates the collection, management, analysis and dissemination of all cancer information for our Cancer Program.

Tracking Vital Information

All cancer patients diagnosed and/or treated at our Hospital are entered into our cancer database. The data collected includes patient demographics, medical history, diagnostic findings, cancer treatment, and lifetime follow-up. This data contributes to the effectiveness of overall patient care. It is handled with the utmost care and patient confidentiality.

The cancer database is a vital tool used for programmatic and administrative planning, as well as monitoring patient outcomes. Statistical reports are generated to analyze referral patterns and patient survival rates, as well as for educational conferences, journal articles, incidence occurrence, quality audits, and process improvement studies. Data is also submitted to the National Cancer Database and the Pennsylvania Cancer Registry, thus allowing comparative analysis with other hospitals across the state and nation.

Lifetime Follow-up

In accordance with Commission on Cancer guidelines, our Cancer Data Center conducts annual lifetime follow-up of our cancer patients. Each year, approximately 7,000 patients are followed; our follow-up rate is well above the required percentage for Commission on Cancer approved cancer program standards. Close to 19,000 patients have been tracked since the Cancer Data Center at our Hospital began collecting electronic data on January 1, 1979.

Assuring Data Accuracy

To assure the continued collection and release of high-quality data, our cancer data center staff conduct monthly and quarterly quality reviews; the physician members of the Cancer Committee perform a minimum of a 10% quality control case audit annually; and data center software has built-in edits for data entry.

The Cancer Data Center monitors the health and activity level of all cancer patients on an annual basis and reports outcomes in the Cancer Program Annual Report.

The Cancer Data Center has been recognized by the Department of Public Health for having met two important goals for 2009:

  • All 2008 cases were reported by the July deadline
  • Completion of the reconciliation of the 2007 cases was completed by the required deadline

The Cancer Data Center is responsible for tracking The Cancer Program's diagnosed cancer patients to confirm that they received the appropriate treatments as recommended by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. On an annual basis, it tracks approximately 900 patients. By meeting these deadlines, more timely statewide data is available, which positively impacts cancer surveillance in Pennsylvania.

Cancer Data Center: 610.431.5404

Last Updated: 10/4/2011