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Senior Care and Senior HealthLink

Senior MealWith Americans leading longer and longer lives, we are faced with dealing with challenges related to personal independence, self-determination and quality of life. At the same time, families and loved ones face the difficult challenges of the family caregiver. Neighborhood Health's Senior HealthLink is an exciting free outreach program that benefits people age 65+ who are dealing with multiple medical issues,* as well as family caregivers who are looking out for them.

Funded by donations and grants, Senior Health Link (SHL) seeks to preserve the well-being of the frail elderly who no longer qualify for the skilled, home care that is covered by Medicare or other insurance, but who still need chronic care management. Trained student nurses maintain regular phone contact with and provide home visits to these seniors under the supervision of a licensed registered nurse, allowing SHL's elderly patients to maintain their independence.

A resource line allows NHA staff to assist clients and family members with medical questions, information on community services, and physician referrals. In addition, SHL staff regularly visit area community centers, providing educational programs, health screenings and flu immunizations. By working cooperatively with primary care providers, the Senior HealthLink Program can identify potential health problems before they arise, often preventing hospitalization or admission to a nursing facility, and assist the senior community with preserving good health in their own homes.

Neighborhood Health's Senior HealthLink program consists of:

  • Education Programs
  • Support Groups

The benefits of Senior HealthLink are considerable, including:

  • Participants may avoid hospitalization or admission to a nursing facility through early intervention.
  • Everyone enjoys greater peace of mind.
  • Health, comfort, and a sense of well-being can be enhanced, improving quality of life.
  • Key issues can be addressed before they become a problem.
  • Answers to worrisome problems can be found, making everyone's life easier and more rewarding.

To learn more about Senior Healthlink's free program, please call 610-431-1852.

Last Updated: 10/27/2011