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What to Expect

Your loved one may be looking and acting differently than you are accustomed to seeing him/her. You will be asked to stay in the visitors lounge while we settle your loved one into their ICU room and assess the situation.

At this point it may look like your loved one is connected to a lot of machines, which might appear very impersonal. These are all necessary to monitor vital signs on a continuous basis. Remember that behind these machines there is a staff of medical professionals who are there to provide compassionate care around the clock to you and your loved one.

Once the patient is admitted to the ICU:

  • We will place adhesive pads onto the patient's chest to monitor their heart rate and rhythm.
    The patient's blood pressure will be taken frequently. You may hear beeps and bells from the monitor. Please do not worry. our staff is very experienced and recognizes when the alarms on the monitor are signaling a significant change in the patient's status.
  • A sticker with a red light is placed on the patient's finger. This estimates the blood oxygen level or how well their body is getting and using oxygen.

Last Updated: 8/31/2011