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Healthcare Team
  • ICU Nursing Director
  • ICU Nursing Manager
  • Intensivist
    Physicians who are board-certified in critical care and pulmonary medicine.
  • Critical Care Midlevel Provider
    A group of Practitioners/Physician Assistants who specialize in critical care and are part of the Hospital's Intensivist program. The ICU Nurse Practitioner Midlevel
    Providers are on the unit from 6 am - 9 pm.
  • RN
    Critical Care Nurse who provides a high level of skilled nursing for total patient care and often facilitates communication between all of the people involved in the care of the patient. Because of their close contact with the family and the patient, critical care nurses often serve as the patient's advocate and become integral to the decision making process of the patient, family and critical care team. RN's are in navy blue uniforms.
  • Tech II (Nursing Assistant)
    Assists the RN with patient care. You will see the tech draw lab work and blood sugars from the patient as well. The tech is also responsible for the equipment and the supplies kept in the patient rooms. Tech's are in steel gray uniforms.
  • Unit Coordinator
    The Unit Coordinator is the person you speak to when dialing 5400. She/he is responsible for letting the RN know that the patient has a visitor. The Unit Coordinator will also let family members know the guidelines for ICU visiting, if the RN has not already done so. The Unit Coordinators are in khaki uniforms.
  • Respiratory Therapist
    The Respiratory Therapist works with the critical care team to monitor and promote airway management of the critical care patient. The Therapist will also give education to the patient and caregiver. Respiratory Therapists are dressed in light blue uniforms.

Last Updated: 8/31/2011