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Community Outreach and Wellness Programs

Community Benefit ReportThe direction for developing education and outreach programs or for launching community initiatives to address significant health issues in collaboration with our community partners comes largely from the Healthy People report (Healthy People 2020 was recently released for this decade). This provides science-based 10-year objectives for improving the health of all Americans. For three decades, Healthy People has established benchmarks and monitored progress over time to encourage collaboration, to guide individuals towards informed health decisions and to measure the impact of prevention activities.

Health Screenings
Heart Tracks™ Cardiovascular Risk Assessment; Stroke; Skin Cancer; Oral Cancer; Breast Cancer; Blood Pressure

Health Promotions
Physician Lectures; Speakers Bureau; Collaborative Programs with Community Groups; Wellness Presentations

Healthy Lifestyle Programs
Healthy Steps to A Healthy Weight; Weight Matters; Why Weight? (Postpartum Weight Management Program); Stop Smoking Now!; Reversing Pre-Diabetes; Supermarket Tours; Nutrition Counseling

Childbirth Education
Preparation for Childbirth; Refresher Class; Breastfeeding; Newborn Care Class; Maternity Tour; Sibling Class

Diabetes Self-Management Training
Basic and Intensive Diabetes Self-Management Group Classes; One-on-One Programs for Diabetes Self-Management; Medical Nutrition Therapy

The Hospital's annual financial investment for community health, childbirth education, diabetes and ob/gyn clinic services in FY2010 was $1.6 million.

Program Communications

To spread the word about upcoming events, the Hospital uses the following communication tools:

  • Wellness Calendar
  • Synapse Magazine events listing
  • Website dedicated Programs & Support section
  • Social Networking, i.e. Facebook, Twitter
  • Email Campaigns
  • Direct Mail
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Hand-distributed Flyers

For individuals within our community who don't have easy access to transportation, the Hospital makes every effort to bring programs out into the community and offer them closer to their homes. This might include programs conducted at senior living facilities, senior centers, churches or schools. For specific communities in need, the Hospital frequently teams up with its partners already working in these areas.

Fee Philosophy
To fulfill its mission to improve the health of the community, the Hospital strives to remove cost as a barrier to education. The majority of programs are offered at no or minimal charge. Others, such as diabetes management and weight control classes, often can be billed to or reimbursed by insurance.

Published: The Chester County Hospital and Health System Community Benefit Report 2011

Last Updated: 10/18/2011