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Pelvic Tilt Study

The Center for Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine is recruiting patients to participate in a study looking at the benefit of a "reciprocal pelvic tilt" in the management of low back pain. This relatively new procedure has been shown, anecdotally, to benefit patients with sciatic symptoms and lateral lists. To our knowledge, there has been no research in this area and we are hoping to study the effects of this intervention as well as develop a "clinical predictor rule" to predict those patients that would most likely benefit from this intervention.

The patient's active participation in the study will be for no more than one (1) week or three (3) visits. Success or non-success with the intervention will be determined by percent change on the Modified Oswestry Disability Questionnaire (>50% improvement from baseline). Those patients deemed a "success" will be discharged at that time with a home exercise program and followed telephonically for 6 weeks (therefore, total participation for 6 weeks). Those patients deemed a "non-success" with the intervention (either within the first 3 visits or during the telephone follow-up period) will be discharged from the study and their impairments will be addressed through conventional Physical Therapy interventions. As this proposed intervention is within the accepted standard of care of Physical Therapy, there is no risk to the patient participating in the study.

As back pain is a heterogeneous etiology, we are looking to develop this rule and assess the effects of this intervention across the relatively broad spectrum of low back pain patients. Exclusion criteria for participants include: those patients that cannot read and/or understand English or have a history of prior lumbar surgery, prior THA, prior lumbar fracture or a diagnosis of osteoporosis. Furthermore, those patients that present with signs and/or symptoms of medical red flags such tumors, fracture, metabolic diseases, RA, prolonged history of steroid use, etc. will be excluded.

This study will be conducted at all CCH Outpatient Physical Therapy clinics. We appreciate you considering referring potential study participants; simply refer as you would otherwise normally do. When patients call, we will screen and offer them the opportunity to participate as appropriate. We are looking to cap study participation at 100 patients. Unfortunately, we will be constrained by our insurance limitations as we otherwise would normally be.

Questions regarding this study can be directed to:

Brendan M Sullivan, PT, MSPT, OCS at bsulliva@cchosp.com or 610.738.2480.

Last Updated: 2/20/2012