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Hospital Tower Project

Tower Project has been Designed with Sustainable Green Principles

The Project is being developed based on sustainable design principles and "green" technology; however, the Hospital does not plan to seek specific LEED certification for the Project. LEED certification is very expensive and Hospital administration prefers to use these resources to provide health care services for the community.

  • Water Run Off: Little, if any, new impervious surface will be created and therefore additional surface water run-off will be minimized.

  • Lighting: New lighting will be limited to the loading dock area and very little light from the new patient rooms will extend beyond the building's envelope.

  • Traffic: The phased approached of the Tower Project creates little/no impact on traffic volumes along East Marshall Street.

  • Aesthetics: Building mechanicals will no longer located along the northern property line and instead will be placed on the roof of the Tower and shielded from neighboring properties.

  • Land: Construction and the work area will be contained in the existing Loading Dock and service parking area behind the existing North Building (< 1 acre of disturbance).

Last Updated: 5/29/2013