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Lung Cancer Screening Program

Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer in the United States.

Until recently, there has been no reliable way to detect lung cancer in its earliest, most treatable stage. However, new findings revealed by the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) show that lung cancer deaths dropped by 20% in individuals who underwent a low dose spiral CT scan compared to those screened solely by chest x-rays.

Michael Costello, MD

These findings are the impetus behind the development of our Lung Cancer Screening Program. The Chester County Hospital's team of experts in thoracic surgery, pulmonary medicine, medical oncology, radiation oncology, pathology and radiology have developed a multidisciplinary program to provide early detection and treatment of lung cancer and to educate high risk individuals about the disease.


  • Individuals between the ages of 55-74 AND with a history of smoking at least one pack of cigarettes a day for 30 years (If an ex-smoker, has quit smoking within the last 15 years)


  • Age 50 years or older AND at least one pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years AND one additional risk factor:
  • Diagnosis of COPD or pulmonary fibrosis
  • Exposure(s) to:
  1. Asbestos
  2. Beryllium
  3. Silica
  4. Chromium
  5. Cadmium
  6. Diesel Fumes
  7. Arsenic
  8. Nickel
  9. Radon
  10. Personal or family history of cancer

Michael Costello, MD


  • Low dose spiral CT scan
  • CT scan reading by board-certified radiologist
  • Results sent to the primary care physician
  • Fast track appointment with a pulmonologist (if appropriate)

The fee for this screening is $129*
*Flexible spending funds can be used
A physician prescription is required

For more information on the Lung Cancer Screening Program and our smoking cessation programs, call 610.738.2300.

Last Updated: 2/20/2015