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We will hold ourselves and each other accountable for knowing and acting on our Values and the specific patient care and service excellence strategies that derive from them in pursuit of our Vision.

Community Benefit ReportEXAMPLE

Smoking cessation has been the cornerstone of the Hospital's prevention and wellness program for the past 15 years. Stop Smoking Now! is a seven-week program that includes nicotine replacement therapy, a monthly support group and follow-up phone calls of support and monitoring. The overall aim is to promote quitting among adults who smoke as deaths from lung cancer exceed that of all other cancers combined. Referral to the program is integrated into our inpatient discharge instructions and referral processes and is an important outreach effort of our cancer program's lung cancer reduction strategy. Stop Smoking Now! is offered in corporate and public sites throughout the county and includes a Preparation to Quit option for those in a contemplation stage. The department has been involved in providing peer-education programs in schools to prevent smoking behaviors among teens and also addresses the issue of second-hand smoke through health promotion efforts throughout the community at large.

All program costs are budgeted by Community Health and Wellness Services. In 2012, the Hospital received $25,000 in funding through the Health Promotion Council to cover the cost of instruction over an 18-month period. Additional costs, such as materials and marketing, remain a Hospital expense.


Please talk to your doctor about whether you meet the specific screening criteria based on your age, health history, smoking habit or environmental exposures. A physician prescription is required. The screening includes: low-dose spiral CT scan; CT scan reading by a board-certified radiologist; results sent to your primary care physician; and a fast-track appointment with a pulmonologist (if appropriate). The fee for the lung cancer screening through the program is $129, and flexible spending funds may be used. Call 610.738.2300 to learn more.

Published: The Chester County Hospital and Health System Community Benefit Report FY2012

Last Updated: 11/27/2012