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Clinical Spaces

Telemetry Unit and Monitoring Room

The fourth floor of the Tower is home to a Telemetry unit. Telemetry -- the practice of sending continuously monitored electronic signals from one place to another -- is a tremendously useful tool, as it allows our health care team to monitor heart rates, heart rhythms, breathing, and other vital signs by the patient's bed, at the Nurses' Station and in a centralized monitoring room. Our medical personnel can detect emergent health concerns before they become a problem so a clinician can quickly correct the issue.

A centralized monitoring room is really what makes Telemetry a unique unit. From the Telemetry Monitoring Room, three Monitor Surveillance Technicians and several SAM (Support, Assess, Monitor) nurses can track the heart activity of all the patients on the Telemetry Unit on the fourth floor (4 Tower), the Telemetry and PINU units on the third floor (3 North), plus 38 additional beds throughout the Hospital. The Monitoring Room is occupied by Monitor Surveillance Technicians 24 hours every day. Additional monitoring equipment is located at both Nurses' Stations to have extra eyes on the patients' vital signs at all times.

Patient Rooms

There are 24 private Telemetry patient rooms on the fourth floor of the Tower. Private rooms allow for better sleep, enhanced infection control and greater comfort. Our clinical team collaborated with the architects to design this unit. The rooms have three distinct zones -- family, patient and clinician. For visitors, each room has a sofa that converts into a table, a desk or a bed for guests who wish to stay the night. For patients, care is centralized and offers space and privacy to recover. Our rooms have a modern design and a European-style bathroom. Every room has original artwork, an LCD TV and a communication board for nursing care. Patients have the ability to control the window shades, the amount of natural light from large windows and the temperature in their rooms. For nurses, the room has fingertip access to advanced technology to perform their jobs and bedside computer stations for documentation. Outside each room is a work station that has a small window so nurses can keep an eye on their patients. There are blinds on these windows for added privacy. The entire patient room was created to build a better experience for the patients and their families and to make the caregiving process easier.

Nurses' Stations

There are two spacious and open Nurses' Stations on this floor. They are each centrally located between both halls so that the clinical team can easily oversee and manage patient care. Knowing that providing an ample number of computer workstations was critically important, the Tower has six computers at each Nurses' Station, plus additional alcoves between patient rooms for added work space. Designing the unit in this way decentralizes gathering points thus reducing the amount of clinicians in one space and lowering the potential amount of hallway noise. On this floor, there is a 1:4 nurse-to-patient ratio.

Last Updated: 6/21/2013