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Office Visits and Tests

As your due date approaches, how will you know when it's time to call the doctor, grab your bag and head to the hospital? Not so fast! There's still so much to discuss!

As you get closer to delivering, there will be a few changes you will notice. First, your office visits will become more frequent. The visits will be scheduled every two weeks from 28 weeks until 36 weeks, when they will become weekly until your labor begins and you deliver. Although we have calculated your due date, your delivery may be different than that date.

We also will be performing one or more additional diagnostic tests during this time. Typically, between the 35th and 36th week of pregnancy, a Group B Strep test is performed to check for the presence of this common bacteria. If your test result is positive, we will treat you with an antibiotic during the labor process to make sure you don't pass Group B to your baby during delivery. Your doctor also may request additional tests.

Last Updated: 10/25/2013