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New Orthopaedic Unit - Third Floor : Lasko Tower

No matter what your age, you want to stay as active and fully engaged in life as possible. When bone or joint-related issues get in the way of everyday activities, having access to top-notch orthopaedic care may mean the difference between functioning at your highest ability or having to settle for a more sedentary lifestyle.

As part of the hospital's commitment to expanding an already sophisticated orthopaedics program, we are proud to introduce a new, high-tech orthopaedic surgical unit on the third floor of the new Lasko Tower.

Set to open for patients in January of 2014, the new unit will house 24 new private rooms dedicated exclusively to the post-operative care of patients who have undergone orthopaedic surgeries. It will offer the very latest in specialized inpatient services, including the most current technologies and patient amenities. The new space has been carefully designed to make the first hours and days of recovery following surgery as productive and comfortable as possible.

The new unit will allow for the highest level of care and patient comfort for rapid recovery and rehabilitation. A full range of orthopaedic services support each patient from diagnosis through recovery. The program's team of orthopaedic surgeons represents a wide variety of expertise - with sub-specialties in spine, shoulder, hip, knee, foot and ankle surgeries - including the latest minimally-invasive and least traumatic surgical techniques that allow faster healing and recovery.

Patients on the new unit will experience firsthand the focused attention and care Chester County Hospital has put into making sure every base is covered for patients and staff. Input from staff was used to create an efficient, comforting space where advanced orthopaedic care is combined with an environment that has the community feel and caring atmosphere patients have come to expect from the hospital.

Patient rooms are larger, comfortable and very functional. There's plenty of space for the equipment necessary for recovery from orthopaedic surgery - like walkers, wheelchairs and so forth - with more room for our nurses and physical therapists to do their jobs in and around the room as they care for patients. All rooms and bathrooms are private, and accommodations have been included for visitors and family members who want to support the patient in recovering.

Rehabilitation is a crucial aspect of recovery for orthopaedic surgery patients and begins as soon as possible following surgery. On the new unit, most physical therapy will take place in the specially equipped patient rooms. However, the unit will include a modern rehabilitation gym that features additional tools like a car simulator to help patients return to full function faster. Outpatient rehabilitation is also part of the journey and available through the orthopaedic program at several locations in the community.

Last Updated: 1/14/2014