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It's Official

Director, Occupational Medicine Services

The email subject line from our CEO Mike Duncan contained just these two words: "It's official."

At one minute after midnight on September 1, 2013 The Chester County Hospital and Health System became part of Penn Medicine. And since The Occupational Health Center is part of The Chester County Hospital's System, we are now part of Penn Medicine, too.

What does it all mean? What we know so far is that the first and most dramatic effects will be at the Hospital -- on large, capital-intense projects that involve bricks, mortar and equipment. For the OHC, we expect it to be business as usual as we continue to provide the high quality injury care, case management, preplacement and periodic OSHA, DOT, discretionary and executive physicals we always have. We already have access to a wide range of specialty care in our community, such as orthopaedics, ophthalmology, general surgery, neurology, pain management, etc. For those rare occasions when there have been gaps in specialty availability and/or the need for the kind of nuanced subspecialty care usually only available at academic medical centers, we have made the pertinent referrals, including to the University of Pennsylvania Health System. Going forward, we can still expect to rely on our local medical community for specialty and even some subspecialty care, and have the comfort of knowing that anytime we need something at the academic level, "in-system" referrals to Penn
should be more facile.

The most visible part of the change will be the signs on our medical campuses -- an added "Penn Medicine" banner. Other than that, for now and the foreseeable future, the easiest way to put it is that the Occupational Health Center will stay what it is and has always been, keeping our perennial parent and gaining a very strong and prestigious grandparent.

It all looks good from here, and from here on.

Last Updated: 12/16/2013