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Call Your Doctor If

Your baby:

  • is not having enough wet diapers or bowel movements. See below.
  • has skin a bluish color or looks unusually pale.
  • has skin a yellowish color or if his/her eyes are yellow. This is a sign of jaundice.
  • feels hot or cold or has a temperature greater than 99.5 degrees F (37.5 C) or less than 97.5 F (36.5 C) when taken under the arm.
  • vomits often or the vomit is green.
  • has diarrhea (watery stools).
  • has any signs of infection, including fever, irritability (crying and cannot be consoled) or lethargy (difficult to awaken, even for feedings). More localized infections can result in discharge, redness, swelling or unusual odor from the eyes, umbilical cord or circumcision site.
  • has difficulty breathing or is breathing fast.

Your son:

  • circumcision is bleeding and it will not stop after applying a cool compress with gentle pressure.

You notice:

  • unusual shakiness or seizures, sweating, flushed skin. (A seizure is jerking movement that will not stop when you place your hands on the jerking area). Some tremors are normal in the newborn period.
  • any other unusual or unexpected changes in your baby or you have questions about your baby's care.

Last Updated: 12/26/2013