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Boards and Trustees

The Chester County Hospital
and Health System

The Chester County Hospital Foundation

System and Hospital Boards of DirectorsBoard of Trustees
Mr. William W. Wylie, Jr., Chairman
Mr. Francis H. Abbott, Jr. (ex-officio)
Charles Barr, MD
Dennis A. Berman, MD
Mr. James S. Denham, IV
Deborah A. Driscoll, MD
Mr. Michael Duncan (ex-officio)
Steven Fukuchi, MD
Mrs. Patricia Knecht
Mr. Kevin B. Mahoney
Mr. John J. Molinelli
Mr. Ralph W. Muller (ex-officio)
Bert W. O'Malley, Jr., MD
Cathy A. Wilson, Esq.
Mr. Francis H. Abbott, Jr., Chairman
Linda Thompson Adams, RN, DrPH, FAAN
Mrs. Christine P. Bendinelli
Dennis A. Berman, MD
Mr. Edward J. Breiner
Mr. Edwin A. Brownley, Jr.
Mr. Antelo Devereux, Jr.
Mrs. John A. Featherman, III
Maury Hoberman, MD
Kevin Holleran, Esq.
Mr. Robert B. Horne
Mr. Scott Huston
Mr. M. Roy Jackson
Mr. Christopher J. Knauer
Mr. Dallas Krapf
Mr. Kevin B. Mahoney
Honorable Paula Francisco Ott
Mr. Michael Pia, Jr.
Mrs. Walter Stapleton
Officers of the Corporation
Mr. Michael J. Duncan,
President and CEO
Mr. Michael D. Barber,
Chief Operating Officer
Mrs. Angela R. Coladonato,
Senior Vice President, Nursing/CNO
Richard D. Donze, DO,
Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs
Mr. Kenneth E. Flickinger,
Chief Financial Officer
Mrs. Kathy Gorman,
Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning and Marketing
Mr. Kevin R. O'Brien,
Senior Vice President, Development
Karen Pinsky, MD,
Chief Medical Information Officer
Trustee Emeriti
Mr. John J. Ciccarone
Mr. Thomas C. Swett
Mrs. Mary Warden

Turk's Head Health Services, Inc.

Professional Providers, Inc.(PPI)

Board of Directors
Mr. Dallas Krapf, Chairman
Mrs. Patricia C. Brennan
Mr. Paul Brown
Mr. Stephen F. Horstmann
Harry J. Hutchinson, III, DO
Mr. Timmy T. Nelson
Mr. Kenneth H. Slack
Board of Directors
Dennis A. Berman, MD, Chairman
Mr. Peter F. Apple
Mr. Michael J. Duncan
Mr. Paul Getman, Jr.
Maury Hoberman, MD
Kevin Holleran, Esq.
Cathy A. Wilson, Esq.

Neighborhood Health
Agencies, Inc.

Chester County Obstetrics/
Gynecology Services, Inc.(CCOGS)

Board of Directors
Mr. Keith Coughey, Chairman
Mr. Peter F. Apple
Mrs. Richard Armstrong
Charles J. Barr, MD
Mrs. Therese M. Corkran
Mrs. Deborah Hess
Mrs. Janet S. Hickman
Mr. Steven D. Hobman
Ms. Mary Ellen Josephs
Mrs. Patricia A. Knecht
Board of Directors
Maury Hoberman, MD, Chairman
Dennis A. Berman, MD
Mrs. Angela R. Coladonato
Mr. Kenneth E. Flickinger
Kevin Holleran, Esq.
Mrs. Walter Stapleton

Last Updated: 7/15/2015