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Your Discharge

Planning for Post-Hospital Care
From the moment of your admission, your entire healthcare team has your wellbeing after discharge as its goal. As such, your healthcare team members may begin discussing aspects of your discharge very early in your stay. The staff can assist you with decisions about home care, arrange appropriate referrals to community agencies, help with followup appointments, and facilitate transfers to nursing homes, other hospitals, or rehabilitation centers.

In addition to this, the Hospital offers community education programs designed to teach patients and families what they need to take charge of their health. Education includes smoking cessation, nutrition counseling, and health screenings. For a complete listing of educational events, visit www.chestercountyhospital.org/wellness or call 610.738.2300.

Leaving the Hospital
We request that transportation be arranged to depart from the Hospital by 11:00 am on the day of your discharge. Before leaving, remember to check your room for all your personal belongings.

Providing Your Feedback
Shortly after discharge you may receive a Patient Satisfaction Survey in the mail. We encourage you or a family member to thoughtfully complete and return the survey to help us identify ways to improve our care and services. We are consistently focused on achieving the highest level of patient satisfaction and safety and are working with Medicare (CMS) and private payers to link these measures to our reim-bursement. By providing us with quality feedback on your survey, we can ensure that each patient is given the highest quality of care here at the Hospital.

Hospital and Physician Bills
The Hospital's basic daily room rate includes general nursing care and food service. It does not include ancillary services your doctor may order; for example, operating room services, anesthesia, X-rays, special medications and dressings, etc. Physician or surgeon fees are billed by the doctor. In addition, certain Hospital-based physician and physician assistant charges are not included in your Hospital bill. Depending on your insurance coverage, you may receive separate invoices for services provided by anesthesiologists, cardiologists, hospitalists, radiologists and/or physician assistants.

Last Updated: 3/20/2014