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The practices and physicians listed on this page are employed by Penn Medicine Chester County Hospital.

The Choice is Yours . . .

Consulting a physician regularly is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Together, you and your physician can determine the best plan to manage your healthcare needs and achieve your full wellness potential.

Surprisingly, many people do not have a regular doctor to whom they can turn in case of illness or injury. In a serious emergency, they often have no choice of who will provide care or what treatment will be administered.

We at Chester County Hospital encourage you to take the time to choose a physician before emergency situations arise. A primary care physician or specialist knows your medical history and can provide special insights into your treatment.

For more information call our Physician Referral Service at 800.789.PENN (7366)


Hematology Oncology
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Dennis Berman, MD
Meher Burki, MD
Michael Costello, MD
Maureen Hewitt, MD
Cheryl Johnson, MD
Calvin Lu, MD
William Luginbuhl, MD
James Patterson, MD
Sunil Saroha, MD
Molly Stumacher, MD
Michele Tedeschi, MD

John Kucharczuk, MD

Andre Konski, MD

Donald M. O'Rourke, MD

Penn Women's Specialty Center
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Catherine Porter, DO
Susan Chang, MD

Robert L. Giuntoli, II, MD

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Penn Ob/Gyn
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William Brazerol, MD
Christine Ellis, MD
Eduardo Mercurio, MD
Marlesa R. Moore,MD
Baohuang Tran, DO

Cardiovascular Surgery

Chester County Cardiovascular Surgical Associates
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Steven J. Weiss, MD, MBA
Robert K. Wenger, MD


Penn Orthopaedics Exton & Southern Chester County
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Christopher J. Lyons, MD
John P. Manta, MD

Primary Care

Penn Family and Internal Medicine Longwood
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Paula S. Barry, MD
Sony John, MD

Penn Family Medicine New Garden
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Pedro Solanet, MD

Penn Family and Internal Medicine Lincoln
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Paul Eberts, MD
Andrew Sitkoff, DO
Tina McGroarty, CRNP

Penn Family Medicine Southern Chester County
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John N. Daghir, MD
David G. Rooney, MD
Judith Gawlikowski, CRNP

Penn Family Medicine Unionville
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L. Peter Soraruf, MD
Michael Kirk, MD
Lindsay Calio, PA-C

Penn Primary Care and Integrative Medicine Whiteland
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Stacey Kuhns, MD
Lisa Parviskhan, DO
Rashna K. Staid, MD

Last Updated: 11/30/2016